Sex Stories and Erotic Fiction

Sex stories and erotic fiction holds a special appeal to many women.

Erotic fiction is able to fire the imagination and include a great deal more characterisation and emotion than standard everyday porn, and this appeals to many women, who often require complex triggers when it comes to being aroused.

Sex stories can step beyond the boundaries of reality, and include outrageous situations and sensations. This means they can easily depict the myriad sexual fantasies enjoyed by women. And sex stories are usually about more than just the mechanics of sex. They depict all the other aspects as well - flirting, seduction, rejection, disappointment and joy.

Erotic fiction also has less of a tawdry, dirty reputation than standard porn. Women know there's a better chance of seeing sex - and women - depicted in a positive light.

Many famous writers have dabbled in the odd sex story. One of the most famous writers of erotic fiction was Anais Nin, who wrote complicated, dark stories of lust and passion.

More recently, publishers have begun to cater to women who want to read sex stories designed expressly for them. The annual anthologies Best Women's Erotica and Herotica feature short stories written with female readers in mind. Often eclectic and challenging these collections of women's erotic fiction have become bestsellers. They've paved the way for the wider selection of compilations now currently available.

In the early 90s Australian author Linda Jaivin started a revolution in erotic novels with her book Eat Me. This humorous and sensual novel became a huge bestseller, and has even caused conservatives to demand its removal from library shelves because it is, they say, "pornographic". Since then more and more authors have set aside reservations in order to write explicitly about sex. Erotic novels are now an accepted genre of writing.

Traditional romance publishers such as Mills and Boon now print saucier novels, and a number of online publishers of erotic fiction are doing very well. The growth of e-books has seen an explosion in the number of erotic fiction titles now offered to horny readers. Most of them cater to women.

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