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Images of naked men have long been kept secret, and hidden from women. In a society where women's bodies are used to sell everything from sports cars to yoghurt, naked men are still a relatively scarce item.

The naked male body has long been considered "protected territory". The most obvious example of this is modern cinema, where explicit and lingering shots of the female nude are common, but full frontal male nudity is a rare, headline-worthy event.

There remains a distinct reluctance within our society to display the male body. Feminists would argue that being unable to see men in their most vulnerable state means that patriarchal power can be upheld because an element of mystery remains. Some aesthetes insist that male nudity is not beautiful and therefore should be hidden. Conservatives say that we shouldn't be looking at any nudity as it is.

And considering men often experience nervousness about penis size, there's not many ordinary male voices arguing in favour of seeing naked men either.

There's also a continuing belief that women don't want to see naked men, and that women are not visually aroused by seeing a naked man. This belief is often used to justify the continuing absence of male nudity in our society.

The internet has proven this belief to be quite wrong.

Women love looking at naked men. "Naked men" is often the first thing a new female surfer will type into a search engine. The urge for visual stimulation is strong, as is rampant curiosity.

Too many women are not given the chance to see naked men, and so are inherently curious about the nude male body. They want to see men without clothes, open to the world. They want to see muscles, biceps and thighs and chests. And most of all they want to see penises, in all their forms, short and long, thin and thick, circumcised or uncut, and they want to see them both flaccid and erect.

For some women, the lack of exposure to male nudity means they must learn to admire it, as a novice drinker learns to enjoy fine wine. This lack of experience with the visual stimulation that an image of a naked man provides does not mean that women "aren't visual". Rather, it means that society simply hasn't trained women to be turned on by naked men. And even without this training, the urge persists.

In the past there were few opportunities for women to ogle the male body. Magazines like Playgirl and Australian Women's Forum feature male centerfolds, but these were relatively unique publications. The internet, however, has given women the perfect opportunity to explore their sexual desires in privacy.

Thus, there are now numerous adult sites offering photos of naked men, in many forms. The Ms Naughty linklist features numerous such sites.

And it turns out that at least a third of surfers checking out adult sites are women, which is a significant figure considering most people assumed that women did not like porn at all.

Imbalance still exists. The vast majority of adult material is aimed at men, whether straight or gay. And the cinema still won't show a penis if it can help it. Nonetheless, the world is opening up to women who want to look at naked men.

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