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Since 2004, MsNaughty.com has been a major adult portal for women who enjoy porn. Named an Indie Porn Icon in 2017, Ms. Naughty has been working to bring porn to straight women since 2000 via her websites, her films and her online advocacy

Her blog looks at porn for women and details the latest movie releases and adult industry news. It also features a variety of free porn in the form of videos, galleries and images.

This main part of the site has links to female-friendly free porn and recommendations for top quality sites. This part of the site is currently out of date and is due to be revamped. The site caters to a diverse range of tastes, from straight couples and naked men to bi, lesbian and gay porn, kink, amateur and good erotic fiction.

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What is "Porn For Women"?

When I started making and curating porn online in 2000, "porn for women" wasn't really a thing. It was assumed that only men watched porn and that women "weren't visually stimulated". The best we had were magazines like Playgirl and the films of Candida Royalle. Even then, 30% of all porn surfers were female (Nielsen Netratings, 2001) though the stigma against women enjoying porn was huge.

I started making porn because I wanted to offer women like me something that was just for them. Something that spoke to women, that acknowledged them as an audience. I wanted to see penis, dammit! Hence, my ongoing career offering porn for women and - in 2004 - the creation of the Ms. Naughty linklist and blog.

It's now 18 years since I started and the online porn landscape has changed dramatically. Women still make up more than a third of all porn surfers and watching porn online has become totally normalized.

The phrase "porn for women" has become a little outdated. People assume it's prescriptive, that it means only softcore, romantic porn. There's a push back against the idea that women would need porn made just for them because it makes assumptions about the identities and orientations of the viewer.

Women's tastes are just as varied as men's. Some women do like the romantic stuff, others want filthy hardcore or BDSM. Some women like mainstream porn as much as the next bloke.

But even in 2018, the porn landscape caters overwhelmingly to the straight, while male. The language, the labels, the categories all assume the viewer is a man. Sexism, racism and sex-negative attitudes are still rife in the industry and in the way it presents sex.

Women are still looking for porn that doesn't exclude or degrade them. They want porn that reflects different perspectives - female, queer, trans, non-white. The rise of "feminist porn" and "ethical porn" shows how much people want to watch explicit material that isn't harmful to the performers. "Porn for women" is still a handy signifier of this kind of porn.

This site offers a wide range of recommendations for good porn for women / feminist porn / ethical porn. The sites here are typically independent and run by women, queers or people of colour.

In these days of tube sites we recommend that you pay for your porn so that producers of good porn can pay their performers properly and continue to make top quality porn for women.

BTW... that also means my site Bright Desire.