Trouser Snakes on a Plain

Yeah, that's right. Muthafuckin' good looking hunky men getting naked and taking out their trouser snakes... on a mutherfuckin' desert plain. You'd best be warned... these guys are goddamned sexy, and the photography is, like, all artistic and everythin'.

Now, don't you get smart on me. I know you know this site is blatantly making use of a certain internet-hyped movie to draw your attention to naked men, but relax. It aint no big thing. I know you want to get off. I'm here to help you with that. You stick with me, you do what I say, you'll be just fine.

OK... are you cool? We cool.

Let me tell you that this naked men site is brought to you by For The Girls. Now pay attention, here's the banner.

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OK... so the chicks who run For The Girls really know their shit. They've been running this site for over 3 years and they've got a mutherfuckin' mountain of photos and movies that women, you know, like to look at. Nude men, hardcore sex, dirty stories... I tell you, it really is damned fine. If you want to see more hunks, on a plain or otherwise, I suggest you get your sorry ass over there and check it out.

Got that? You'd better, I'll be asking questions later.

Right... now, if you want to see these trouser snakes on a plain - and believe me, you will - then you'd better be over 18. If you're not, it's time for you to fuck off. If you're a kid and I find out you've been looking at porn, your muthafuckin' ass is mine, you got that?

To get to the next page, you'd better read and agree to this warning, before I count to ten.

OK, so now we got that unpleasant legal shit over with, let me list some of the fine sites who know good stuff when they see it - including this damned fine site right here.

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Right, are you strapped in? Think you can handle it?

Enter Trouser Snakes on a Plain


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