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Forget the fake "lesbian" porn that's so common. Here you'll find authentic lesbian, dyke, queer, trans and genderqueer galleries, movies and sites. There's been an explosion of this kind of real lesbian porn in the last few years, made by and for lesbian and queer people. This content focuses on positive depictions of sex, real orgasms, connection, intimacy and a depiction of all body types. Queer porn is heavily associated with feminist porn. I've also listed some positive "girl-girl" style sites because they're some of the best of their genre.

Premium Sites

Crash Pad Series - Seriously hot dyke porn, set in the "crash pad" apartment where anything goes. Authentic lesbian, trans and genderqueer performers.
Pink Label TV - Shine Louise Houston's video on demand site featuring the best queer, feminist porn. No memberships, just watch individual movies.
Good Dyke Porn - Authentic, amateur, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer sex captured on video by Bren Ryder and other incredible members of Team Good Dyke Porn.
Indie Porn Revolution - Alternative girls, hot boys, transfolk, gender queers, and real life couples making porn that's refreshing, real, and authentic.
Bleu Productions - Legendary director and performer Maria Beatty's BDSM and fetish lesbian site
Queer Porn TV - Another queer site from director Courtney Trouble
Perversions of Lesbian Lust - An unusual site with storylines inspired by pulp fiction-style novels. Queer and lesbian erotica with a distinct literary bent.
The Woman's POV - Point-of-view style porn from queer BDSM star Madison Young
Femifist - Sticking it to the government and your lover at the same time. This is the five-finger revolution. People of all gender identities engaging in hot fisting play.
Abby Winters - Amateur Australian women model nude and perform girl-girl together.
Sapphic Erotica - "Pretty girls doing it right." This site is primarily for men but the quality of this girl-girl site is very high.


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Real Lesbian Porn - A comprehensive directory of authentic lesbian erotic sites and sapphic resources

Recommended Movies

The Crash Pad - San Franciscans are given the key to an apartment where wild lesbian orgies occur.
Hard Love + How To Fuck In High Heels - Two of the original dyke porn films together on one DVD
Ashley and Kisha: Finding the Right Fit - Beautiful documentary featuring real life lesbian lovers having sex
One Night Stand - Delicious lesbian porn from French director and star Emile Juvet

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The Crash Pad Series

In 2004 film director Shine Louise Houston made her first authentic lesbian film, The Crash Pad. Packed with authentic dyke sex, it became a hit and several other films followed. Shine then set up The Crash Pad Series, an online collection of her award-winning porn.

Here you'll find hot femme on femme, boi, dyke, transwomen, transmen, strap-ons, cocksucking, real lesbian sex, queer sexuality, gender fluidity, and authentic orgasms.

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