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Real CNFM sites featuring male strippers and men getting naked in front of fully clothed women. The female audience often feels the need to get a little "hands on" and the guys must come when they say! Most CFNM sites focus on the idea of male humiliation, so there's a bit of a female domination aspect to it.
The majority of CFNM sites are made for men but I know that women enjoy it too, hence this page.
I am doing my best to feature authentic CFNM porn here.
Note: This page does NOT feature those fake "drunk" CFNM sites or sites that denigrate women.

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Free Abused By Prison Guards - Female prison guards strip male inmate naked then abuse him through bars
Added 2008-03-26
Gallery Admiring the Professor
- Hot naked academic is fondled by his female students
Added 2007-04-10
Free Advertising CFNM Style - Clothed female advertising agency babes have fun cfnm style with naked male
Added 2009-06-11
Free Airborne CFNM Adventure - Male has cfnm fun on aircraft when females strip him naked and jerk him off
Added 2008-02-21
Gallery All Men Are The Same - Are all guys eager to show off their cock?
Added 2007-04-17
Free Amateur Girls Cfnm - Three amateur girls jacking off their nude male friend
Added 2007-06-24
Free Amateur Nude Cfnm - Amateur chicks give handjob to nude mature guy in the studio
Added 2007-06-25
Free Anne Summers Cfnm - Four chicks inspect naked guy during Anne Summers lingerie party
Added 2007-06-24
Free Big Cock Cfnm - Cfnm scene with three girlfriends give handjob to big cock gardener
Added 2007-07-09
Free Birthday Cfnm - Birthday chick and friends jerk off male stripper in the kitchen
Added 2007-06-09
Free Birthday Cfnm Stripper - Male stripper is enjoyed by seven girls at birthday performance
Added 2007-06-28
Free Brandi Belle Cfnm Nurse - Cfnm episode with Brandi in nurse uniform showering nude guy
Added 2007-05-13
Free Brandi Belle In Shower - Brandi finds a hot naked guy in the shower
Added 2007-04-28
Free Cfnm At School - Class clown gets tied up and jerked off at high school reunion
Added 2007-08-08
Free CFNM Babes Handjob Fun - Clothed females having loads of CFNM fun giving handjobs to naked males
Added 2008-11-18
Free CFNM Babes Seduce Courier - Sexy cfnm babes seduce male courier naked so they can check out his package
Added 2008-04-03
Free CFNM Babes Vibrator Fun - Clothed female babes have cfnm fun with naked male and vibrator in office
Added 2008-07-02
Free CFNM Birthday Surprise - Special birthday surprise is delivered cfnm style for lucky clothed female
Added 2009-11-16
Free Cfnm Blowjob - Experienced chick gives her friend a blowjob lesson with real cock
Added 2008-03-12
Free Cfnm Clips - Clips of two cfnm loving girls in clothes fondle cock and balls
Added 2008-03-12
Free Cfnm Cock Stroking Fun - Sexy clothed females stroke naked males hard cock in effort to make him cum
Added 2009-11-16
Free CFNM Cocktail Games - After cocktail party the males get naked and clothed females invent games
Added 2008-09-15
Free Cfnm Galleries - Movie galleries of cfnm crazed girls jerk off guy by the pool
Added 2008-03-17
Free Cfnm Girls - Two posh english girls groping and stroking nude waiter
Added 2008-03-03
Free Cfnm Handjob - Wendy gives handjob to her boyfriend in front of two naughty girls
Added 2008-03-03
Gallery CFNM Horseplay - If you've got a nude guy, you might as well ride him
Added 2007-04-10
Free Cfnm Humiliation - Cfnm scene of girlfriends humiliate their male roommate for sniffing panties
Added 2007-08-08
Free Cfnm In Jacuzzi - Naked guy gets fondled in jacuzzi by three sexy chicks in bikini
Added 2007-09-27
Free Cfnm In Prison - Criminal gets humiliated by female guard and two inmates in prison
Added 2007-06-11
Free Cfnm Instructor - Naughty clients jerk off their self defense instructors hard cock
Added 2007-08-08
Free Cfnm Interview - Chinese chicks jacking off a white guy during job interview
Added 2007-06-06
Free Cfnm Jerk Off - Three horny chicks force strange guy to strip and jerk him off
Added 2007-06-25
Free Cfnm Movies - Movies of three cfnm-loving chicks flash skin and jerk off nude guy
Added 2008-03-03
Free Cfnm Nurses - Three young nurses stroke cheating boyfriend to orgasm and leave
Added 2007-08-08
Free Cfnm Pool Game Hustle - Sexy cfnm babes hustle guy at game of pool and strip him naked for more fun
Added 2010-07-08
Free Cfnm Punishment - Female co-workers punish cleaner guy for peeking upskirt by stripping him off
Added 2007-08-15
Free CFNM Revenge On Head - Naughty schoolgirls have cfnm revenge on headmaster by stripping him naked
Added 2008-03-12
Free CFNM Roommate Interview - Naughty clothed females strip male naked in cfnm interview for roommate
Added 2008-11-02
Free Cfnm Sales Ladies - Extenze sales girls stroking the dick of a naked male customer
Added 2008-11-26
Free Cfnm Salesman - Vacuum salesman gets handjob from three of his sexy customers
Added 2007-06-17
Free Cfnm Salesman Seduction - Cfnm babes take pleasure in seducing male naked as he attempts to make sale
Added 2008-02-14
Free Cfnm Strip Poker - Three hot girls jacking off a naked guy during strip poker game
Added 2007-07-20
Free CFNM Strip Poker Cheats - Strip poker game where clothed females cheat to ensure the males are naked
Added 2008-02-21
Free Cfnm Strip Show - Naughty chicks give handjobs to nude guys after strip show
Added 2007-08-08
Free Cfnm Teacher - Schoolgirls decide to give cfnm lesson to their teacher by jerking him off
Added 2007-06-07
Free CFNM Xmas Office Party - Office xmas party turns cfnm when sexy clothed females strip male naked
Added 2009-12-03
Free CFNM Xmas Party Handjob - Male stripped naked at Xmas party by clothed females given CFNM handjob
Added 2008-12-18
Free Chicks Humiliate Teacher - Naughty hot clothed chicks humiliating their perverted teacher.
Added 2010-08-02
Free College Cfnm - Naughty college chicks insist on their sex ed teacher demonstrating them his cock
Added 2007-08-08
Free Dinky Dicks - Time for the girls to laugh and humilate some guys with dinky little dicks
Added 2010-02-09
Free Dinner Party Cfnm - Stepbrother serving nude at his sister dinner party after losing the bet
Added 2007-09-20
Free Distracting The Workers - Sexy clothed females enjoy distracting working males by getting them naked
Added 2009-01-29
Free Female Medics Check Cock - Three female medics check out damaged naked cock to see if works correctly
Added 2008-11-16
Free Females Punish Artist - Clothed females punish male artist stripping him naked and drawing on him
Added 2008-03-31
Free Footballers Little Dick - He wants football back so girls ask to see cock then laugh at little dick
Added 2010-05-18
Free Fresh From The Shower - Clothed female students accost naked male room mate as he leaves shower
Added 2008-02-08
Free Girls Humiliate Peeping Tom - Cfnm photos of sexy chicks humiliating and jerking a naked man.
Added 2010-02-27
Free Group Cfnm - Cfnm movies with group of four girls and naked taxi driver
Added 2008-03-14
Free Hairdresser Stripped And Used - Cfnm photos of sexy perverted women humiliating and jerking a kinky hairdresser.
Added 2010-10-20
Gallery Helping Sister's Friend - Nick strips off to help Wendy feel good about herself
Added 2007-04-17
Free Hot Cfnm Babes Blowjob - Hot and sexy clothed females strip male naked before giving him a blowjob
Added 2009-08-24
Gallery Hot CFNM Cleaner - The nude male housecleaner is forced to masturbate
Added 2007-04-10
Free Hot Cfnm Fantasy - Naked guy is stripped and dominated by three clothed girls.
Added 2009-11-16
Free Hot Cfnm Pics - Sexy man is stripped and jerked by three horny dressed girls.
Added 2010-02-21
Free Hot Medical CFNM - Two cfnm series of female doctors using naked male patients.
Added 2010-12-01
Free Interracial Cfnm - Girl shares her boyfriend with black chef and waitress in the kitchen
Added 2008-03-12
Free Kinky Cfnm Blowjob - Hot porn pics of two clothed girls sucking off a stiff dick.
Added 2008-11-02
Free Kinky Cfnm Massage - Hot photos of a naked guy getting a massage and jerked off by three clothed girls.
Added 2009-11-16
Free Kinky Cfnm Porn Photos - Three clothed girls humiliating and sucking a sexy guy at the bank.
Added 2010-12-23
Free Kinky Medical CFNM - Kinky cfnm galleries of female doctors and nurses using naked male patients.
Added 2010-12-14
Gallery Kitchen Fun - Three girls have fun with a naked man in the kitchen
Added 2007-06-09
Free Lady Hunters CFNM - Prehistoric and modern day lady hunters taking advantage of males for fun
Added 2010-01-24
Free Latecomer CFNM Punishment - Male latecomer stripped naked in humiliation punishment by clothed females
Added 2008-09-01
Free Little Dick Humiliation - Sexy girls humiliate and laugh at repair man for having a tiny little dick
Added 2010-06-06
Free Little Dicked Tradesmen - Girls laugh at tradesmens little dicks as they show off their tiny willies
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Free Male Stripper Abused - Seven clothed females take advantage of male stripper who enjoys the abuse
Added 2008-11-02
Free Medical Cfnm - Nurses inspect big muscle guy with different medical equipement
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Free Men Are So Predictable - Two blondes decide that men are predictable and want show off their cocks
Added 2008-02-11
Free Milf Cfnm - Three hot milfs demand pizza delivery boy to strip then jerk him off
Added 2007-07-16
Free Naked Guy Punished In Court - Cfnm porn photos of a nude guy getting humiliated and jerked by the judge.
Added 2010-11-13
Free Naked On Airplane - Several girls give handjob to naked stranger on the airplane
Added 2007-09-04
Free Netball Babes CFNM Fun - Netball babes strip male referee naked for some Cfnm fun to ensure they win
Added 2010-06-06
Free Nude Man Punished - Hot cfnm photos of a guy getting stripped, humiliated and jerked by three clothed girls.
Added 2010-12-01
Gallery Nude Medical Exam - A naughty nurse and her assistant give this guy a sexy exam
Added 2007-04-10
Gallery Office CFNM - Slacking off at work turns into a nude male clothed female party
Added 2007-06-09
Free Office Pervert Punished - Office cleaner pervert caught looking up skirts so is punished CFNM style
Added 2008-07-14
Free Outdoor Cfnm - Cfnm movies of clothed chicks give handjob to naked guy outdoors
Added 2008-03-12
Free Outdoor Cfnm Masturbation - Cfnm scene with naughty chicks masturbate nude guy outdoors
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Gallery Personal Male Stripper - Three chicks enjoy a personal male strip show
Added 2007-04-10
Gallery Perv Punished - A guy caught sniffing panties is playfully punished
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Free Pussy Licking CFNM Fun - Clothed females enjoy using naked males to teach lessons in pussy licking
Added 2010-04-06
Free Real Cfnm Adventure - Hot photos of a man getting humiliated and jerked by three wild dressed women.
Added 2009-12-13
Free Sex At Work - Hot porn photos of two horny secretaries jerking and sucking a naked guy's stiff dick.
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Gallery Slip Of The Towel - Hot guy caught coming out of the bathroom
Added 2007-04-17
Free Small Penis Cfnm - Three clothed babes jerk off nude guy with small penis and film it
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Free Society Girls Abuse Staff - Group of society girls enjoy abusing male members of staff together for fun
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Free Strip Poker Cfnm Blowjob - Strip poker cfnm fun where naked male gets both hand and blowjob from babe
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Gallery Strip Poker Fun - This guy loses at poker and pays the price
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Free Sucking Stripper On Stage - Naughty european chicks sucking off naked stripper on stage
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Gallery The Salesman - Two women give the vacuum salesman a dressing down
Added 2007-04-10
Free Two Perverted Women - Cfnm photos of a guy getting stripped and jerked by two kinky dressed girls.
Added 2010-01-24

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