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This guy reminds me of Jerry Seinfeld. Not sure if I want to see Seinfeld naked, but he might look like this.
Every time I see this pic I think of Keanu Reeves. Then I wonder if Keanu's cock is that long.
This hunky guy on a bridge resembles Andre Agassi, bald and all.
Does Ben Stiller have a nice chest? Do I really want to know?
If Bruce Willis fell out of his Y Fronts, it would look like this.
I think this cute guy is better looking than Justin Timberlake.
This hunk looks a little bit like Jake Gyllenhaal. I don't know how to quit thinking like that.
It's probably just the dreadlocks but this guy looks like Bob Marley.
Tom Cruise naked? Well, I suspect Tom doesn't have a spectacular six-pack like this stud.
Elvis has left the building so we'll never know if his dick was as big as the one on this lookalike.
We didn't get to see Will Smith naked in the shower in I, Robot, so this guy will have to do.
There's just a hint of Jack Black to this man, although obviously he's a bit thinner than Jack.


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