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Do women think penises are ugly?

I had an email from a nice guy who was curious about how women felt about naked men.

I am a 24 year old male, and I really want to know if women like looking at naked men, do they get turned on? Why do some women laugh at naked men. I think that it is impossible for women to get turned on at the sight of a naked male, I don't mean to be sexist but I am really sceptical, I think women are having a laugh at all of this. Women deserves rights equal to men, of course they do, but why are women so bloody hard to figure out, if they do like naked men then why do most women say that they can't stand naked blokes and they think that Penis' are ugly.
Please reply and put me out of my misery.

Here's what I wrote back to him:

I think the problem here is generalisations. I canít pretend to speak for all women, as Iíve found that female tastes vary just as much as menís. I wonít say "all women are like this" or "all women are attracted to that" because itís just not true.

When it comes to naked men, the same thing applies. I know for certain that quite a few women find looking at naked men to be a huge turn on (I know because they visit my sites, and tell me so). They like admiring a manís body, and his penis.

At the same time, there are women who laugh at the sight of a nude man. The laughter may stem from embarrassment, it may be to cover secret arousal, or it may simply be a reaction to the fact that they are breaking a taboo Ė women arenít supposed to look at penisesÖ so they laugh at the novelty of it.

Also, Iíve found that the laughter element occurs a lot at male strip shows, and that is mostly due to the atmosphere and set up of those shows. Theyíre meant to be more playful and fun than overtly sexual, so having a laugh and a few drinks is a big part of the whole package.

Male nudity has often been associated with humor in our culture, whereas the nude female is almost always presented as sexual. Think of all the times that a naked man has been used as a way to get a laugh in films. Think of the reaction male streakers get. Society encourages us to laugh at a naked man because he is stripped of his manly dignity. We see him as a comical and somewhat fragile being.

The fact that the erect penis has long been hidden from view is also a factor. A man with an erection is sexualÖ and how many images of such a man exist in art and culture?

But I do know that there are also women out there who donít react favourably if they see a manís nude body. Not all women, just some. Itís just a matter of taste.

I will let you in on a little secret. I was never big on looking at naked men. Iíve never really found looking at pics of naked men to be a turn on. But I now appreciate the male form as a thing of beauty, and I like looking at penises. I think this is because Iíve now had an awful lot of exposure to images of naked men. Before my incarnation as a 4women pornographer, I hadnít seen that many photos.

And I think this is actually why a lot of women say they think penises are ugly. Itís a matter of culture. Women arenít taught to admire the male form, itís supposed to be unwomanly to feel sexual like that. So women arenít exposed to many images of nude men or penises, and they are encouraged to feel that looking or admiring is wrong. Even Germaine Greer has discussed this in her book The Boy. The internet is changing that now. Sites like For The Girls invite women to look and to enjoy the male form in a sexual context. I think in the future women will feel more at home with nude men and youíll find less examples of laughter or ridicule.

Beauty is always in the eye of the beholder. Iím sure there are men out there who find female genitalia ugly, but we donít generalise and say that all men feel the same. Rest assured, there are women who love nude men and are very turned on by them.

Posted: Tuesday 8th February 2005, 11:59 PM

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