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Korean feminist suggests "porna"

Joong-Ang Daily reports that Ms Lee Young-ran, a feminist who has previously run the Anti Ms Korea Pageant, has held an "event" about porn.

Specifically, she has put forward the idea of "porna" which is "porn for women" in a sense.

"This is an anti-sexual violence movement to banish porn from our society. Instead, we are suggesting the concept of ‘porna' ― which also takes into consideration the desires of women," she said. "Existing porn is created mainly to fulfill the desires of men and many of the scenes depicted in porn films show sexual acts that abuse women. These images lead to actual acts of violence and are especially a bad influence on teenagers," she said.

Well, I have to disagree on the theory that bad men's porn leads to violence, but I find the name "porna" kind of appealing. I'm wondering if the suffix "-a" in Korean indicates gender (a quick search of Google didn't reveal much on this topic.)

Posted: Thursday 23rd June 2005, 1:30 AM

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